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Who Is Barclay Crocker?

The Barclay Crocker TeamBarclay Crocker started in 1990 as a shop where you could custom scent a number of shaving and body care products. It’s popularity grew and other product lines where added over the years including a number of Bay Rums and Bay Rum scented products. As the current owners of Barclay Crocker, we are bringing the company back to it’s roots of providing high quality Barclay Crocker brand items that are scented by a professional aromatherapist and can also be custom scented by you. Just select from top, middle and base note scents for a balanced end product.

Our focus is on providing products that are exceptional, have natural/organic ingredients, and are handcrafted with care. The staff here have been working with body care products for just about as long as Barclay Crocker has been in business, and long before we became customers of Barclay Crocker. When we learned of the opportunity to become it’s owners, there was no hesitation. It was a perfect addition to what we were already doing and we knew we could further improve the product offerings.

So what are the skill sets we bring to Barclay Crocker? We have people trained and skilled as an aromatherapist, herbalist, creative writer, customer support, web developer, graphics, hair stylist/barber, manicurist, internet marketer, product developer, and movie aficionado. (We’ve been known to have conversations in nothing but movie lines.)

Together we’ve all brought something to making Barclay Crocker better and expanding upon the brand with new products that we’ve created and make in house. Enjoy the new products and new scents and we continue to build something great.