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In The Shadow of Windsor Castle

Woods of WindsorIt was 1970. Roger and Kathleen Knowles bought an old apothecary located in the shadow of Windsor Castle. While cleaning it up they stumbled across ancient recipe and prescription books dating back two centuries. Using these original formulas as inspiration the two entrepreneurs developed the Woods of Windsor Line of perfumes and toiletries. Though the beginnings were modest, at the time of this writing Woods of Windsor has expanded mightily and now sells it’s formidable line of products throughout the world.

In the company’s own words,”combining traditional recipes with the scientific advances of the twenty-first century have led to a collection we feel proud to present to you..”

And the collection is vast. In the Mimosa scent alone we count more than 17 products, soaps, body sprays, perfume de toilette, dusting powder, moisturizing cream, bath & shower gels, body wash, wardrobe sachets and even…scented drawpaper. A similar grouping is also available in True Rose, Forget Me Not, White Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Lavender.  Woods of Windsor Green Tea Therapy products demand attention as well, and include scented candles and Revitalizing Bath Bubbles in a bottle.

But perhaps the most intoxicating group is titled Aromatherapy Lavender. Here we find an incredibly pure lavender scent applied across the board in oils, gels and tonics, being also enshrined within arguably the finest lavender incense sticks on the planet!

So. When next you hear the name ‘Woods of Windsor’ mentioned at a gathering, you’ll now know it ain’t just a stand of timber lurking behind some crumbling old world castle. It’s also a soap and toiletries link on the internet worth searching for at Barclay Crocker’s Famous Brands Store. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just ask us and we’ll see if we can add it to our store!