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New! BC Organics Bath, Body and Shave Products

Our new line of Barclay Crocker organic products are released today after much planning, preparation, and testing. You'll be very pleased with the resulting aftershave balm, bath gel, body cream, body oil and even shave cream that we've worked hard to create. Continue reading

Uncle Mike and His Stache

Michael Fitzgibbons was born in Ireland in 1857 and immigrated to the USA as a young child. He grew up in Taunton, Massachusetts, a suburb just south of Boston. In his young days he worked in East Taunton at the shovel works. He knew this was not for him long term. With his Irish entrepreneurial spirit, he learned the shoe trade business and later opened his own shoe making business. Read about his creations. Continue reading

Dominica Bay Rum

The most luxuriant Island in the Caribbean is Dominica. Here’s nature’s unique combination of climate and volcanic soil, virtually unchanged for thousands of years, produces the world’s choicest bay leaves. A master blending of the oils pressed from these bay leaves with the purest of alcohol has created Dominica Double Distilled Bay Rum. Since 1907 it has represented a very fine traditional West Indian bay rum bath, body, massage, and after shave lotion. Continue reading

Shaving: Grandpa Knew Best

Using a shaving brush, that icon of maleness, not only links us to our forefathers but provides the most satisfactory shave short of a visit to your barber, that is if you can find one who still practices the ancient art. The beginning of each new day is a fragile time, and yet this is when many of us, bleary-eyed, our brain firing on one cylinder, wield a razor to sheer off thousands of hairs. “Clean shaven” has an upbeat sound to it but for many the reality can be uncomfortable, painful, and even bloody. Continue reading